Different churches can have identical doctrinal statements but feel wildly different when attending on a Sunday. We tried to distill what our church is like into a few main thoughts. Here’s what we came up with:

Kids are Awesome

Kids are extremely important at GCC. Every Sunday, before the kids go to their Sunday School classes, we invite them up to the front of the church to pick out a toy. It’s important to us that we give our children great memories of and experiences at church. We also want them to be comfortable coming to the front of the church; one day they may be teaching or leading worship!

Kingdom First

We believe that, as Christians, our allegiance belongs first to the Kingdom of God. This may sound strange, but we believe that it is important for our church to stay politically neutral. As soon as we “pick a side” as church, we begin to alienate people that we could be reaching for God’s kingdom. This doesn’t mean that we don’t have opinions or beliefs; of course we do. In fact, many of our members are very involved in the political arena. It simply means that, as a church, we do not endorse candidates or issues.

Community Involvement

We’re called Grace Community Church for a reason. We believe that it is very important for a church to be heavily involved and invested in its community. That means working with and supporting local charities, hosting recovery groups, involvement with fundraisers for local non-profits, and more.

Family Life

Our church is not just a congregation; it’s a family. Warts and all. But as a family, we take care of and watch out for each other. We are there for our brothers and sisters in every medical, financial, relational, emotional, or spiritual crisis. Whatever we’re going through, we do NOT go through it alone.

Real & Different

If you attend one of our services, odds are pretty good that you’ll hear this phrase over and over again. We believe that a healthy Christian walk looks real and different. No pretenses. No cookie cutters. The children of God are broken people brought together by a loving and forgiving God. It is in our weaknesses that He is made great. And the best way to expand God’s kingdom is by embracing that.